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Pooja & Namaaz Attars : Devotional / Religious Attars

Attar is an incense which has a tremendous effect on the olfactory nerves of a person. Attar is much sought after as this centuries-old Indian art of blending fragrances is evocative of a time of elegance and grandeur.
In Religions across the world, attars, fragrances, are used to evoke the necessary spiritual evocations of purity and freshness..

One of the things the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) enjoyed most was pleasant attars, and the use of essential oils is highly praised in the Sunnah. It is said that pleasant attars attract positive energy, light and uplift the spirit.

Attar is a Persian/Arabic word meaning "fragrance, scent, or essence." Attars have been famous in the Near East, Persia, India and Pakistan for over 5,000 years.

These attars have been in use for the anointing and healing of the mind, body and spirit of humans for thousands of years.

These Sacred Anointing Attars are extremely potent and have profound healing effects on the many embodiments of the human being. These scents are a unique form of communication. Smell goes directly to the mid-brain area, to what is called the limbic system, by-passing the neo-cortex (thinking, intellectual processor). This limbic system "primitive" brain processes memory and emotions.


This is the numero uno fragrance to evoke the essential spirituality in a devotee's attainment of fulfillment.

A blend of Sandalwood oil, Patchouli, Lavender, Frankincense, Rose, Jasmine & Musk.

This is the world's finest Sandalwood and is the oil from the first pressing. This oil is known as "Liquid Gold" and is the third oil referred to in the Wise Men's sacred offerings.


It exudes a rich, earthy, rounded fragrance and promotes a harmonious ability to concentrate and focus attention.


This is a purification oil that has been used for centuries in washes and hair rinses. It has an anti-toxic and anti-septic healing quality that permeates all levels of being.


A masculine counterpart to the rose. This is known as the King of Scents. It is the Gateway to Understanding. Used in anointing the third-eye area.


Always used in religious ceremonies, because of its purifying nature. It dispels chronic negatively and distressing psychic forces.


Musk is a potent grounding scent that should be used with care. It has the ability to correct dizziness and is sobering. It has been used by Kings to stimulate their inner power. The scent of power. It can be used as a carrier for other oils in difficult to treat cases.


Known as the Mother of Scents. This oil is the finest in the world, one drop and you will agree! It is the utmost symbol of Truth, Love and Beauty.


Thousands of years of healing vibrations resonate from the sacred scent of Myrrh. This is known as the scent of the Prophets. Rich and deeply sweet, Myrrh promotes healing of wounds on all levels.


This is an uplifting essence that instantly raises one from depression and anxiety. It enhances the intensity and vividness of colors and sound. Used by the mystic dancers, Jasmine is said to be able to take you to Paradise.



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Habib International : Makers of Pooja Attars, Islamic Namaaz Attar Perfumes & Non Alcoholic Perfumes in Bombay Mumbai India.