Makers of the Famous Attar Al Habib, an Exotic Perfume & Fragrance.
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Attar Al Habib

This is a fragrance of a connoisseur.
A rich oriental fragrance that conveys its regal status in a sensuous wrap of a fresh, musky, woody aroma.

It is a blend of the most precious perfume oils.
Its top note carries rich woody notes conveying the delight of exotic indian herbs. The heart exudes ambery and woody sweetness. Its lingering base is musky-powdery, soft-animatic and woody-spicy.

The magnificence of its oriental fragrance takes the wearer to the world of opulence and comfort, indulgence and passion, delight and fulfillment.

It has a mesmerizing lingering effect and its overall oriental feel lasts long after it has gone. Its diffusive nature leaves a pleasant after effect. A fiery fragrance not for the faint hearted, a little will go a long way. Al Habib occupies the numero-uno position in the company's list of products.

Packaging is distinctive with a yellow and green bouquet of imaginative floral pattern. From 2ml to 25 ml from modern Roll Ons to traditional daubons.



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Habib International : Makers of the Famous Attar Al Habib, an Exotic Perfume & Fragrance.