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Perfumery & Aromatic Compounds

Perfumery / Aromatic Compound is used to enhance the odour of many products. It is made by blending together many aromatic materials and is formulated by a specialist known as a perfumer.

All aromatic ingredients differ in odour, chemical properties and price and the skilled perfumer uses his knowledge to create a fragrance that will meet a customer's requirements for performance, innovativeness, value for money and stability.

Perfumery Compounds have also found use in cosmetics, alcoholic fragrances and hair products.

Rose :
Fresh Rose with woody base note.
Top Note : Green fresh rosy
Middle Note :Floral Rosy
Base Note : Wood Floral Musky

Jannatul Firdaus : A rich oriented bouquet.
Top Note : Green / Grassy & Geranium
Middle Note : Fougere, Powdery and Mossy.
Base Note : Sandal

Brut : Sweet, Powdery Woody aledhydic musk. Diffusive and elegant.
Top Note : Spicy
Middle Note : Sweet Geranium Powdery Mossy.
Base Note : Woody, Mossy Musk

Romeo : It is floral, powdery, balsamic, woody, aldeyhydic
Top Note : Aldehydic Floral
Middle Note : Floral Woody
Base Note : Woody Powdery Sandal Musky.

Charlie : A timeless perfume.
Top Note : Green Leafy Floral
Middle Note : Floral Jasmine Rose and lilie.
Base Note : Woody

Dehnul Oud : Denul Oud is a pleasing oriental woody masculine fragrance. It resembles natural agarwood.
Top Note : Herbaceous, Green, Camphoraceous notes
Middle Note : Olibanum Mossy Sandal and Amber notes.
Base Note : Agarwood, Sandal and Balsamic notes.

Sadaf. Sadaf is a fresh green floral oceanic fragrance.:
Top Note : Fresh, Ozone, Fruity apple like, cucumber green
Middle Note : Oceanic green Floral
Base Note : Musky Mossy Woody.

Tea Rose: Resembles natural fresh indian rose flowers. It is a fresh floral pleasing rose.
Top Note : Fresh, Rose, Green, Mint
Middle Note : Floral, Rose, Geranium and Green
Base Note: Floral, Sandy, Woody.



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Habib International : Exporters of Aromatic Compounds, Amber Aromatic Perfumery Oils & Compounds in Bombay ( Mumbai ) India.