Windows 2000 Web Hosting.

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Windows 2000 Web Hosting
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Windows 2000 Web Hosting


Windows 2000 Web Hosting
When you need to approach a provider for web hosting, there are some crucial questions you need to ask and be satisfied with the replies to proceed with the Windows 2000 Web Hosting provider. Listed below are some of these questions :
Can I use my existing domain name
Can I include a mailing list in my site
Do you charge for domain transfers
Can I host .mp3 files in my account
Can the Windows 2000 Web Hosting Provider host all domain types
How much web space is included
How soon will my account be set up
How much bandwidth is included
Can I use my account immediately
Can I take credit card details securely
What is your Acceptable Use Policy
Can I add extra domains to my account
How reliable is your network
What ASP components are installed
How long have you been in business
Does my account include MS SQL Server
What software is runs on the servers
Can I use Microsoft Enterprise Manager
How do I upload my web site files
How can I see statistics for my site
Can I easily upgrade my account
How can I access my raw visitor log files
What payment options do you offer
Do you support DreamWeaver MX
Is there a minimum term or contract
Do you support MS FrontPage Extensions
Do you offer spam / virus scanning
Do you support MS Visual Studio .NET
How many mailboxes are included
Can visitors see my site without the www.
How can I collect my e-mail
Do hosting accounts include a cgi-bin
Does my account include a webmail
Do hosting accounts support PHP scripting
How do I administer my mailboxes
How do I contact Windows 2000 Web Hosting Provider for support
Do you provide an SMTP server
Will my files be backed up regularly

These are only a representative list. The queries will vary from person to person and based on your particular requirements.


Windows 2000 Web Hosting.