Offers Tips on How to Buy Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P5 Digital Camera

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Features & Review of Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P5 Digital Camera
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Features & Reviews on How to Buy Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P5 Digital Camera

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P5 Digital Camera

Basic Features

  • 3.2-megapixel CCD.
  • 3x zoom lens (equivalent to a 39 to 117mm).
  • 2x digital zoom.
  • Optical viewfinder.
  • 1.5-inch LCD monitor.
  • Automatic exposure control.
  • Built-in flash.
  • Sony Memory Stick storage (8MB card included).
  • USB computer connection .
  • InfoLITHIUM battery system (AC adapter included).
  • MGI Software for Mac and PC

Special Features

  • Twilight preset shooting mode.
  • Movie with sound recording mode.
  • Clip Motion animation mode.
  • E-Mail, Voice Memo, and Text capture modes.
  • "Burst 2" Continuous Shooting mode.
  • Creative Picture Effects menu.
  • Image sharpness adjustment.
  • Self-timer for delayed shutter release.
  • Macro (close-up) lens adjustment.
  • White balance (color) adjustment with four modes.
  • DPOF (Digital Print Order Format) printing compatibility.
  • Sony Marine Pack available as a separate accessory for underwater photography.


Reviews of Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P5 Digital Camera :

1. Review by James Stevens

From Leeds, West Yorks, England on 7th Apr 2003

Since purchasing this camera I have no problems with it at all, in fact I take it just about every place I go due to its fantastic size. The quality of the prints it produces are spot on, and with a second memory card you can have around twenty minutes camcorder footage with good sound & picture ( great fun ).There are also many functions on the camera to mess about with if you want.
I have been very impressed by this camera and would highly recomend it, or the DSC-P9 which unfotunatelly had'nt been released when I purchased the DSC-P5.


2. Review by Kennard Yamada

From Chattanooga, TN on 27th Nov 2002

The camera is incredibly easy to use! I have only needed to refer to the owners manual once. This is a good thing since the manual is very thin and lacks detailed information. Adding to the ease of use is the DSC-P5's diminutive size. This makes it very convenient to take the camera almost everywhere. I went snow skiing this Spring and the DSC-P5 slipped into my sleeve pocket designed for sunglasses with no problem. Plus, the auto retracting lens meant no fighting with a lens cap with gloved hands. I also dropped the camera in the snow twice (I know, stupid) and the wet camera kept working without a single problem. Picture quality is pretty good for the price point. I have compared the picture quality to my brother's Canon S30. The Canon's pictures are a bit sharper with a bit more color accuracy. I noticed some blurring around the edges of pictures taken a the widest angle but the Canon did this too. Plus, the Canon's bigger battery had almost double the power life. But the S30 is bigger and significantly heavier than the DSC-P5. Sony's proprietary memory stick is small but no other camera company uses it. Canon, Nikon and other companies use Compact Flash memory. A common interchangeable medium. Not a problem for most that have only one camera. Overall, I am very happy with the Sony DSC-P5 do to it's size and good picture quality. I would put it above a similar Nikon but below a similar Canon.

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Features & Reviews on How to Buy Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P5 Digital Camera
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