Offers Tips on How to Buy Sony DSC-F707 Digital Camera

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Features & Review of Sony DSC-F707 Digital Camera
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Features & Reviews on How to Buy Sony DSC-F707 Digital Camera

Sony DSC-F707 Digital Camera

  • 5 megapixel CCD for resolution to 2,560 x 1,920 pixels
  • Amazing NightShot and NightFraming see-in-the-dark technology
  • Hologram Autofocus for sharp focus regardless of the light level
  • Ultra-sharp 5x zoom lens (f/2.0-2.4 too!)
  • Excellent color, automatic noise reduction

Reviews of Sony DSC-F707 Digital Camera :

1. Review by Ottofocus

From Texas on 23rd Jan 2003

I too, waited for months before I bought this camera. I used a friend and fellow photographers and was sold on it in minutes. I grew up in, and spent 25 years working in photo labs. I consider myself an excellent custom enlarger printer of color and B&W. I have several Nikons and a load of lenses, a Leica M4P, an old Rolliflex, a Plaubel with a 80mm Nikor lens. I printed negatives from many great local professional photographers and all varieties of cameras. I did work for the local museums. The point of all this palaver being, I have seen every level of quality positive and negative image. This camera equals any of the best things I have every done with conventional wet process films up to the 6x7cm format. Color corrections, if necessary, can easily be made in Photoshop or any of the other easy to use programs. Write your image to CD and have it printed on photo paper at the local mall and it is as good as anything I ever did in my professional career. I wish it was not so, but the technology is here and it is available at a very high level in this camera. Print it at home on copy paper and it still looks pretty good. Home printers and computer monitor color balances vary widely, so don't let comments about color throw you off. There are several additional filter features in this camera, sepia, solarization, negative imaging and the 20-minute mpg capability is very cool. All you need is imagination, a slight grasp of lighting and the eye for composition. This Sony 707 is a great tool and a super value for the money.

2. Review by nij320

From London on 19th Jun 2002

Wow, what a super product this DCS-F707 digital camera from Sony is! This is a gr8 camera for those trying to bridge between true SLR and a digital camera. Yes u do get the quality, especially if u use the right printer and file size. The camera supports USB and the infamous Sony Memory Stick! U only get an 8mb Memory Stick with the camera which, 2 be honest, is only gonna hold about 4-5 photos on max resolution. Strongly recommend u get a 128mb stick (80ish). Quality Carl Zeiss Lens with 10x optical. Can Sony improve on this? Roll on the 909!!!

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Features & Reviews on How to Buy Sony DSC-F707 Digital Camera
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