Discount LCD Pioneer 433CMX Plasma Screen.

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LCD Pioneer 433CMX Plasma Screen Review
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Pioneer 433CMX Plasma Screen


Pioneer 433CMX Plasma Screen
43" High Definition Plasma
Features & Details:
The 43" PDP-4330HD is the world's first true high-definition plasma display in its size class. Its visual excellence can totally transform movies, sports, and yes, even the latest crop of reality shows. It even up-converts analog signals to a 768 progressive display, for a vastly improved picture. This 16:9 display's Deep-Encased Cell Structure drastically reduces leakage of light and color to deliver new industry standards in brightness and contrast. When you're playing a movie, the PureCinema II function recreates each frame, for a more film-like presentation. It is also a high-resolution Mac or PC monitor. All connections go through a Media Receiver, which maintains totally digital transmission for the highest signal quality. The Media Receiver includes dual NTSC tuners so you can watch two channels at once, and provides a full complement of inputs (including a component-video input). Detachable side speakers and a table-top stand complete the picture.
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Pioneer 433CMX Plasma Screen : Discount LCD Pioneer 433CMX Plasma Screen Review.