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LCD Philips 32FD9954  32
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Philips 32FD9954 32" Plasma


Philips 32FD9954 32" Plasma
Features & Details
ALiS/ High Resolution
Plasma technology with 1024x1024 pixels.
Digital Natural Motion™ offers razor-sharp reproduction of movement and motion. The unique and highly advanced processing calculates motion trajectories of moving picture elements. It corrects jerky movement from both studio programs or movie material.
Digital CrystalClear™ with Dynamic Contrast, Comb filter, 9-bit processing, luminance enhancements and color enhancements (LTP2). Offer a crisp and natural picture from any type or quality of source.
Dual HD component input and full 1080i resolution display for connection to high definition input.
Double Window, two-tuner PIP with second tuner Double Window. Single PIP (free positioning), 3 fold and 6 fold side PIP's. Also offers photofinish, freeze Main and freeze PIP. Replay lets you play back the previous few seconds in a PIP screen: if you missed the action, replay it as much as you want. Second Tuner sound on headphones.

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Philips 32FD9954 32" Plasma : Discount LCD Philips 32FD9954 32" Plasma Review.