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Information on Internet Web Conferencing Solution & Web Audio Conferencing Software.


What is Internet Web Conferencing

A way to have meetings over the internet using only a web browser and a plug-in. Most often used in conjunction with your telephone, web conferencing can be used to have online meetings with one or more individuals or groups at the same time from virtually anywhere and anytime. For groups of three or more locations, voice / web / internet conferencing can be used with web conferencing.

An online web / internet meeting in which you can share the real-time view of your computer screen with others to demonstrate new software, give a web seminar, and hold a variety of other types of presentations over the Internet.

A conference conducted via the World Wide Web between two or more participants in different locations. Text, audio or video may be used to communicate in "real time" or in an asynchronous environment.

Benefits of Internet Web Conferencing :

1. Seeing makes the most sense. Studies show that sight is the most used human sense. A whopping 75% of all environmental stimuli is received through visual reception (Doug Malouf). So, the best presenters use visuals to maximize the impact of their presentation!

2. Visuals are the best way to teach your audience. According to a recent University of California at Los Angeles study, 55% percent of what an audience learns comes directly from the visual messages seen during a presentation- compared to 38% from audio messages. By combining audio and visual presentation messages, presenters can ensure their objectives are met.

3.Visuals increase the retention of messages. A Wharton Research Center study has shown that the retention rate of verbal only presentations is approximately 10%. However, when you combine visual messages with verbal communication, you increase the retention rate to nearly 50%. A 400% increase! Why not use visual aids to help you audience remember your message?

4. Visuals help you meet your audience objectives. When presenters use visual aids in their presentations, they are twice as likely (67% vs. 33%) to achieve their audience objectives, than speakers who don't use visual aids. (Decker Communications). By incorporating effective visuals in your presentation, you increase your ability to communicate your message to your audience.

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