Buy Guns Collectible Online, Discount Guns Antique Collectibles at Wholesale Prices.

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Buy Guns Collectible Online, Discount Guns Antique Collectibles at Wholesale Prices
We list below websites of a few Guns for your information. The list is neither exhaustive nor representative of Guns. We wish to present this information of Guns websites only for reference purposes. We assume no responsibility for the professional ability or integrity of the persons or firms whose names appear on the following list of Guns.

JC Devine, Inc -
Class III gun auctions, militaria, and machine guns.

Joe Salter Antique & Modern Guns, Weaponry & Collectibles -
 Large selection of antique arms 20th century and older.

The L.C. Smith Collectors Association -
 Information about the L.C. Smith shotgun.

Le Hussard -
Located in France, dealer in original antiques arms. Online purchase available. Over two thousand items for sale including hand guns, rifles, books, reloading supplies, showcases. Site in both French and English versions (more detail in French).

LeClair, Davis and Company -
Specializing in post-Civil War cartridges for rifles, pistols, and shotguns, from the common to the unusual.

Matched Pairs Limited -
 Antique dealer specializing in English vintage sporting guns. Evaluate, buy/sell guns, and coordinate hunting in England and Spain.

McKune's Sporting Collectibles -
 Sells advertising and sporting memorabilia from the 1870's to the 1960's. Majority of items are prior to World War II. Catalogs, books, banners, ammo, and gun cases.

Missouri River Traders -
 This site offers authentic replicas of many of the items that Meriwether Lewis, William Clark, and their Corps of Discovery took with them on their expedition.