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Information on Free Video Audio Conferencing Software & Internet Audio Video Conferencing.


Free Video Conferencing Software

Video conferencing is a system allowing participants at different locations to view and hear each other immediately via video cameras and monitors along with microphones through telephone lines or the internet.

Marketing material for UMTS has emphasised the possibility of mobile videoconferencing, although whether there is actually a mass market for this service remains untested.

In telecommunication, the term video teleconference has the following meanings:

A teleconference that includes video communications.
Pertaining to a two-way electronic communications system that permits two or more persons in different locations to engage in the equivalent of face-to-face audio and video communications. Note : Video teleconferences may be conducted as if all of the participants are in the same room.
Video conferencing has in the past been relatively expensive, but prices are now coming down considerably, as it is possible for anyone with a fast enough internet connection to operate a video conference. Sometimes the conferencing takes place over a private network or VPN, which guarantees better performance, but there will be a trend towards running video conferences over the public internet as technology improves.

Video conferencing can be used for

conducting interviews
holding meetings
setting up meetings
giving lectures
and has the advantage that it can reduce the need for travel.

Because participants in a video conference may be working in different time zones, care must be taken with the organisation.

Video conferencing can also be used within organisations to provide immediate telepresence, using internal LANs as the communications infrastructure.

Examples include:

Access Grid

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