Experience For MCSE Boot Camp.

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Experience For MCSE Boot Camp
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Experience For MCSE Boot Camp


Experience For MCSE Boot Camp
MCSE Boot Camp is appropriate for individuals who have at least six months of experience using Windows NT, Windows 2000 Server and Professional, or Windows Server 2003. It also requires a working knowledge of TCP/IP protocol structure and basic services, including routers, DHCP, WINS, DNS and TCP/IP subnetting. It also requires a basic knowledge of active directory purpose, structure, and components, and of Windows 2000 group policy structure.

Ideally, before beginning MCSE Boot Camp, you should have at least one year of experience implementing and administrating a network operating system in an environment with 200 to 26,000 users and five to 150 physical locations. In addition, the environment should also provide for typical network services and applications, such as file and print, messaging, database, dial-in server, desktop management, Web hosting, and firewall or proxy server, and connection of corporate networks to the Internet and individual offices, and remote location users to the corporate network.

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Experience For MCSE Boot Camp.