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Tips on Email Marketing, Management & Lists


Emails have become a swift mode of communication in the world today.
They have become so effective a means, that business men have resorted
to email marketing as a form of direct marketing of their products.
Email management has become a new layer/level of management.
However, as there are are many hackers to email, email filters and
encrypted email has also gained vogue.
Encrypted Email is where normal mail of characters and letters is coded
in a secret language and then decoded later.

Email Lists

Web-based email services enable you to be in email via your web browser.
You log into your email account via the Web to send and retrieve email.
Free services usually feature banner ads, and often pop-ups as well.

POP mail services store your email on a remote server. You can connect
to the server at any time and download your mail into your favourite
email software package. Generally, with POP3 mail, you download all new
messages in one operation onto your local computer.
Email Management Tip :You can use a web interface to access your POP3
account when you're travelling.

IMAP mail services offer extremely powerful control over your email.
Like POP3 mail (above), IMAP works with your email client to retrieve
email from a remote server. Unlike POP3, IMAP lets you have granular
control over your email, since you can view message subjects before
downloading them, and choose which emails to download on a case by case
basis. IMAP will also allow you to synchronize your mail folders between
your local computer and the IMAP server of your email provider, so that
you will see the same folders and messages wherever you happen to log
into your mailbox.

Mail forwarding services automatically redirect all email sent to your
new email forwarding address to an existing email address that you
specify, in essence passing the messages on instantly to their
destination. Because forwarding services don't store your email, you'll
need to have an alternate email address to act as the receiver account.

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