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Information on Electric Power Transformer.


Electric Power Transformers

Electric power transformers are essential elements of the power grid; they convert the high-voltage electricity delivered by power lines to the 120-volt supply needed for consumers. Typically, one electric power transformer supplies power to several homes. They come in three varieties: the pole-mounted canisters; ground-level metal boxes commonly painted green or blue; and, rarely, underground transformers.

Although the solid-state electric power transformers may not look very different on the outside, they promise major advantages, most importantly in an area referred to as power quality, which is profoundly influenced by users of the grid. For example, some power equipment in homes, businesses and industry introduces electrical "pollution" that is passed on to neighbors, causing motors in various appliances to run less efficiently, heat up and go slower. The pollution causes voltages to fluctuate, affecting electrical devices such as light bulbs, which flicker and burn out faster. Heavy loads in one user's appliances can reduce the voltage for neighboring users and cause power outages.

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Electric Power Transformer