Dancewear and Dance Shoes.

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Tips on Buying Dancewear and Dance Shoes.


 Dance wear is a term used to describe items of clothing

An article of clothing (also known as dress or attire) is any garment worn on the human body for protection against the elements, protection against work conditions, modesty, adornment, as a statement of socioeconomic class or religious affiliation, or as a means of maintaining a power hierarchy. (Humans have also dressed up non-human animals for a variety of reasons).

Dance is, in general terms, human movement with an implied purpose such as the communication of an aesthetic or emotional idea, participation with music, and/or the achievement of certain mind-body states, sometimes spiritual-mystical ones, sometimes as simple as physical fitness. In this way, dance is contrasted to utilitarian

Items of dancewear include:
pointed shoes
tap dance shoes
elegance dance shoes
salsa dance shoes
leo dance shoes
showtime dance shoes

Good dance shoes should fit comfortably and securely, either with laces or straps. They should glide well on wood floors, and not leave any marks on the floor.
Leather soles work best, whether hard, soft or suede leather. For best results, reserve your dance shoes for dancing only. Wearing them outdoors means destroying the pristine quality of the sole. If you wear them only for dancing, they will last a long time.



Dancewear and Dance Shoes