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Information on Audio Video Conferencing Services, Solution & System.


Audio Video Conferencing Services & Solution

Using a network, a camera and a headset with video & audio conferencing, people can interact as if they were talking face to face in a room. there are two types of video & audio conferencing conferencing. one is called point to point conferencing which basically is a communication link between any two locations. another is multipoint conferencing which is a link between a variety of locations (more than two). multi point conferences can further be classified as two types, LAN and MCU (multi control unit). lan provides links between different locations, groups etc. In a Multi Control Unit environment, audio and video signals are automatically switched during conferencing (perhaps to attend to bandwidth issues).

Video and Audio Conferencing

Video and Audio Conferencing connects you to any one person so you can share ideas, information and Windows programs while using video and audio.

You can make your Video and Audio Conferencing experience even better by using audio and video enhancements to see other people and share ideas and conversations.
With Audio Conferencing, you can :-
1.Share ideas, information, and applications using video or audio.
2.Send and receive real-time video images using Windows-compatible equipment.
3.Send video and audio to a user who doesn’t have video hardware.
4.Use a video camera to instantly view items, such as hardware devices, that are displayed in front of the lens.
5.Ensure people hear each other by adjusting the automatic microphone sensitivity level setting.
6.Change the size of the video window that you are sending to another user during a video conferencing session.
7. Remotely make the trade-off between faster video performance and better image quality.

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Audio Video Conferencing Services & Solution, Audio Conferencing System